Our Sunday morning worship volunteers are a vital and important part of our worship service and help extend a welcoming presence to members and visitors.  There are many different ways to serve.  Below is a description of each role and a link to sign up for Sundays for the remainder of 2024. Training can be provided if you have not volunteered before. Contact the church office to sign up if you are unable to sign up online.


Liturgists read the scripture lesson during worship.  The lesson is sent out the week before for review.  

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Our ushers welcome people into the worshiping space. Ushers can help people find a seat if needed, find a listening device, point families to the kids activities at the connect here center, and ensure people get a bulletin. Ushers also collect the offerings given during worship and dismiss the congregation by row for communion. Ushers are key in making sure people feel welcome in the sanctuary and have the resources they need to worship.

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Our greeters are the first impression that our worshipers encounter.  We want people especially newcomers to feel welcome to our worshiping community.  Greeters hang out at the circle drive doors and the east parking lot doors to welcome people when they enter the building.  Greeters also help identify newcomers and get them connected to other congregation members or volunteers like the ushers, or to staff if needed. 

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Tech Booth

Our tech booth volunteers make sure worshipers, in person and online, can hear well and see the worship slides. Roles include audio, visual, and lyrics. If you’re new to tech booth, the lyrics role is a great place to start.

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Hospitality Servers

Our hospitality servers are an extension of the welcoming presence of our greeters. Hospitality is a key theme in scripture. We are called to welcome the outsider and the stranger as we would welcome one of us. We are called to treat them as we would our friends. Our hospitality servers setup and serve drinks, donuts, and cookies in the SERVE Center. The purpose is to extend the love of Christ and to provide an environment for people to connect and fellowship before / between / or after services. Hospitality servers must pick up donuts and arrive by 8:00 am to make coffee and setup for the 8:30 service.

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Communion Servers

Communion is celebrated once per month typically on the first Sunday. Communion Servers assist in worship by extending the elements of bread and juice to the gathered body of Christ. It is a vehicle of God’s grace through the action of the Holy Spirit.

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