Welcome to First United Methodist Church!


We are a servant church where new and lifelong Christians are becoming deeply committed followers and servants of Jesus Christ.

“For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.” (Mark 10:45a)


At McPherson First United Methodist Church we hope you:

Experience God’s Grace

Live Like Jesus

Participate in God’s Grace with our Neighbors 

We seek to be a church where people are actively involved in addressing poverty, and giving care to parents / caregivers of children and youth.

Apostles' Teaching

We seek to grow in faith together through intergenerational discipleship opportunities.


We seek to build strong relationships through gathering, breaking bread together, and sharing our stories.

Worship & Sacraments

We seek to experience God’s grace in worship and be empowered to live like Jesus in the world. 


We seek to share our prayer needs freely and pray boldly together.

Generosity & Justice

We seek to participate in God’s grace with our neighbors to create positive change in the world.